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Project Objectives Outputs


The specific outputs of the MED ALGAE project are the following:

Current State of the Art – related to production of microalgae, harvesting and pre-treatment of microalgae, bio-diesel production and the potential of applying microalgae as a biomass resource as both low-value (energy/animal feed) and high value (vitamins, omega fatty acids etc.) products.o Algae selection and growth in laboratory scale, production and testing of bio-diesel produced.

  • Identification of potential by products from microalgae production with commercial potential.
  • Framework conditions and impacts – Life Cycle Assessment, identification of administrative and legislative barriers.
  • Policy recommendations.
  • Feasibility studies. Identification of sites and anticipated cost.
  • Potential and new business opportunities in the area. Business development network.
  • Establishment of networks.

One of the activities of the MED ALGAE project is the establishment of “The Mediterranean Regional Centre for Bioproduction” that will be established in Alexandria and hosted by Alexandria University . This centre will be a training centre, demonstration centre, workshop centre for the region and also one algae growth unit for biodiesel production will be hosted by this Centre.