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Can Sexual Frustration Lead to Hair Loss?

Can Sexual Frustration Lead to Hair Loss?

Can having less sex lead to less hair?

man with less hairAs well as being immensely enjoyable, sex has been shown to have a wide array of benefits including physical fitness and heart health, boosted immune system function, and better mental health. But new findings suggest that an active sex life can have an additional benefit: a fuller head of hair.

This is due to the fact that sex can act as a stress reliever, making us feel better about ourselves and doing a great deal to reduce the tension in our body. Tension and stress cause a hormone called cortisol to be released within your body. In small doses, cortisol actually does us some good, elevating our heart rate and level of alertness. It’s the equivalent of your body’s natural performance enhancer, rushing in whenever your mind perceives you to be in danger. However, continually being on edge results in your body producing cortisol at the expense of everything else, including the hormones which regulate the growth, repair, and maintenance of your hair. Read below about a natural treatment that can prevent your hair from falling.

One such cause of elevated cortisol levels is sexual frustration. If you’re unsatisfied with your sex life, not only are you deprived of a way to reduce your cortisol levels but being concerned about it actually increases your cortisol levels.

If you’re presently experiencing sexual frustration, why not try the following:

  • If you’re in a relationship, try and ignite the spark by trying something new. Experiment and pay extra attention to your partner to renew her enthusiasm for sex
  • If you’re single, do what you need to do to feel more confident. If hair loss that’s already occurred is affecting your confidence, try a hair loss prevention product such as Provillus. Formulas like Provillus contain a rich combination of nutrients and ingredients that nourish your hair, even in times of great stress.

Channel that frustration into physical activity, such as a sport or a gym session. Not only will this help to relieve stress, but it will also improve your physical appearance and increase your self-confidence.