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Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria

Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria

Department of Agro-forest and Environmental Sciences and Technologies

The Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria is attended by over 10.000 students coming from Calabria and Sicily and abroad.

A modern university campus holds education and research structures with 4 faculties, 11 departments and 60 laboratories. Three faculties (Architecture, Engineering and Agricultural/Environmental Sciences) are devoted to territory, forming a politechnical school of environment with marked attention to landscape, urban asset and green economy. A fourth faculty (Law) works also on economics and archaeology.

The Department of Agro-forest and Environmental Sciences and Technologies (STAfA), established in 1996, is linked to the Faculty of Agricultural/Environmental Sciences.

The research activities of Dept. STAfA can be summarized as follows:

Economic, technical and legal constraints in agriculture and forest sectors conservation of environmental resources exploitation of natural resources and local products agriculture engineering (mechanics, hydraulics, rural building)Livestock food and biochemical processes botany agricultural microbiology zootechnics food quality and safety exploitation of Mediterranean official herbs.

Mission and Activities

The education activities of Faculty of Agricultural/Environmental Sciences provide four 1st-level degree courses (Forest and Environmental Sciences; Agricultural Sciences; Agro-food Sciences; Mediterranean Crop Production), two 2nd-level courses (Forest and Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Agro-food Sciences), one Ph.D. course (Rural development, Sciences and Technologies of Agro-forest and Zoo-technical Productions with curricula in: Zootechnics; Agricultural Engineering; Rural Economy) and two M.Sc. (Biomasses and Energy: Production, Recovery and Agro-forest Biomasses Exploitation; Quality and Safety of Food against Food Adulterations).

A group of researchers, working at the Agricultural Hydraulics and Watershed Management Section of the Dept. STAfA, carries out since long time research activities (linked to education as well), concerning the following subjects: small watershed hydrology; soil erosion and conservation at plot, hillslope and watershed scales; river control works design; modelling of hydrological processes; agricultural recycling of urban/agro-industrial wastewater; management of agro-food industry by-products.