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National Research Center

National Research Center

The National Research Center is the largest of all institutions in the Middle East,is affiliated to the Ministry of Scientific Research.It is located in Cairo ,Egypt.It Employs 70% of all scientists working in Egyptian institutions. Its organization structure is composed of a board of directors headed by the president and two vice presidents for technical and research scientific affairs and the heads of 13 research divisions together with five selected expert persons. The research divisions represent different scientific fields of health and environment, industrial research, agriculture and biology and basic sciences.

Man Power constituting the Center is divided to : 5232 as Research Staff and 2225 as Administrative Staff.

Projects are classified according to their financial sources:

  • In house projects
  • Local projects
  • International projects.

Interaction with Production and Service Sector

  • Establishment of Businessmen and Investors’ Office.
  • Including key investors in the Board of directors and divisions.
  • Research & Development. Council
  • Special Service Units.
  • Organizing workshops, symposia, conferences and field visits and studies.
  • Exhibitions for scientific products.
  • Production oriented MS.c and Ph.D. research points.
  • International Relations
  • Natural Unit for Analysis and Scientific Service (CUSS)
  • International Relations