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Privacy Policy

We are very serious when it comes to the privacy of our visitors, who are seeking for trustworthy information and good user experience while online.

Please read this privacy policy and be aware of the fact that we are not responsible for any other website’s policies even if we link to them. Make sure you check their policies and terms of use first.

Information we gather

We collect personal information like name, email or gender through our forms. (We do not collect this type of data unless you provide it).

We make sure no data is shared or sold to any other parties without your  written consent.

We also gather non-personal information which is related to your browser or visiting session through cookies. Cookies are little files stored on your computer and every time you access this website those files are used to offer you a better experience online. This is not personal information. Most websites use cookies in much the same way we use them here.

Changes to this privacy

We reserve the rights to modify this Privacy Policy and update it from time to time. While this page will likely remain the same way it is right now you have the right to know when it happens and must check for new updates.

How to get in touch?

You can contact us through our Contact Page  or write at contact[at]med-algae[dot].com